Echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi | Sorry Your Echo Lost its Connection

Echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To Wifi Below are the error associated with “Echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi” error

  • Some user gets the red ring and the error message “sorry your echo dot lost its connection.
  • Echo dot WiFi  connection goes out within 2-3 minutes
  • New dot won’t stay connected to wifi
  • Echo Dot and SSID network issues
  • echo dot keep disconnecting from the public wifi network
  • Amazon Echo Dot keeps losing connection to WiFi
  • Got “unknown connection error”

Connecting the Echo Dot device to WiFi can be tough at times. Users face a lot of issues while building network connections. Even if you connect the device, it isn’t stable and cho Dot Won’t Stay Connected To Wifi for too long. Here’s what you need to know in this context:

Why does the problem occur?

Before you incorporate the right solution, it’s highly imperative to identify and understand the issue. Here are some of the reasons that say why echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi :

  1. Power outage: Power shortcuts can lead to amazon echo WiFi connectivity issues. Turn off the device, restart it, and that will help you restore the connections.
  2. Network congestion: Your Wi-Fi might be supporting too many devices at a time. Network congestion happen to be the prime reason for Wi-Fi issues. Reduce network congestion and check whether the device stays connected.

Who can get the issue?

If you are operating with the Echo Dot device at home or office, you might come across this problem. Check the Wi-Fi connection, as disrupted connections can give rise to such critical issues. Your device might show orange lights. If you get such signs, know that the device is trying to indicate disrupted Wi-Fi issues.

How to troubleshoot?

Applying the quick solutions will be the right thing to do. You can follow these tips for best results against amazon echo WiFi connectivity issues.

Do this before troubleshooting

  • Download Alexa App latest version.
  • Plug out the power cord. You can wait for some time and then plug it into the device again.
  • The Echo Dot has to be registered with an authentic Amazon account. Navigate through the various options to ensure successful content management.
  • You have to choose the device that needs to get connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Deregister Amazon Dot from the list of registered devices.
  • Perform the setup processes right from the beginning.

Solution 1- If you Are Connecting Echo Dot to Home Network.

Sometimes because of unsupported router configuration Echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To Wifi. In such case, you have to configure your router according to echo dot requirements. Follow the guide and solve the error “Echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To Wifi”

  1. Login to router admin panel ( See this if how to log in)
  2. Once you are in the admin panel, go in wireless setting ( See the image below) netgear router dashboard view
  3. In the dashboard, you will see your dual band setting i.e setting for 2.4 as well as 5.0 GHz network. Enable dual band in router
  4. Changed SSID for both the network as well as password i.e SSID and passkey for both the network must be differentChange SSID name in Netgear router for both frequencies
  5. Set network security to WPA 2 Set network security to WPA2
  6. If your channel is set to auto and change it, for 2.4 GHz networks ( 1 to 11) Set Chanel to 11
  7. for 5.0 GHz set the channel to 149 or higher
  8. However, if you see your router is already given a value then please set to auto and check if that solves the problem
  9. Disable port scan and dos protection diable port scan and dos protection
  10. Save the settings

Now try to connect Amazon echo to 5.0 GHz network as this is most suitable for music and video streaming

Important Note:-

Important:- iPhones and android phone have a “feature” call smart network switch and if this feature is enabled your device is going to connect with cell data if you are getting weak wireless/wifi connection however sometimes this feature keep switching network depends on network speed of each and it makes echo dot always keep disconnecting from network as echo dot cant connect to cellular networks.

So you must disable this feature, below are the screenshots of how to network switch   However, if nothing work you have to change the device (i.e mobile or laptop ) from where you are operating echo dot.

Nothing working??

Contact echo dot Setup support to fix the issue as may be there are setting is to be made in your echo dot

Solution 2- If You Are Connecting Echo Dot Public WiFi

If you see echo dot manual Amazon said that echo dot is capable of connecting with an unsecured public network like a school or hotel.However, connecting echo to the public network is not simple and straightforward as stated. A lot of users reported that after connecting to the public network they faced issue with connectivity and echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To Wifi after 2 or 3 minutes. Some users are not able to connect to public wifi.User given step to troubleshooting echo Dot Won’t Stay Connected To public WiFi

  1. make your own personal hotspot using mobile or laptop, connectify is one such app that can help you achieve it.
  2. If you are getting error “DNS failure” than you have to contact public network admin of school or hostel ask for DNS, just place the DNS address and connect.

working fix:- Write down mac address of echo and your laptop. Chromebook.

change mac address of laptop with the mac address of echo, save the setting and connect. Later.

once connected you can replace the mac address to default value.

These solutions will help you solve amazon echo dot WiFi connectivity issues instantly. In case of critical issues and severe connectivity problems, you can seek technical assistance.

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