What To Do When Echo Dot Doesn’t Connect To Bluetooth Speaker

Echo Dot Doesn’t Connect To Bluetooth Speakers?

There’s no need to worry…

It’s time you should do something about it…..

Sometimes you may face similar kind of situation arising when you try to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

The situation is: Echo Dot is Unable to Connect to the Wi-Fi or getting echo dot Wi-Fi Error 7:3:0:0:1.

But for now we will be discussing the ways to get rid of the situation “Echo Dot doesn’t connect to Bluetooth speaker”. Take a look!

What To Do When Echo Dot Doesn't Connect To Bluetooth Speaker

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Identifying the issue – Alexa Doesn’t Connect To Bluetooth

When your setup echo dot device doesn’t connect to Bluetooth speakers, here are some of the issues you should take care of:

  • Alexa Dot can’t identify the Bluetooth device: Users have to make sure that these two devices are closer to each other. Interfering connections can create issues. Devices such as microwaves, heaters, and thermostats can cause connectivity problems.
  • Dot isn’t close to the BT device: If your tab or Smartphone is far away from the Echo Dot, it will fail to identify the connections properly. Make sure the devices are close to each other.
  • Battery issues causing problems: Charge the battery and make sure the charge doesn’t drain. A low battery can lead to disrupted BT connectivity.

Who can face Echo Bluetooth connectivity issue

Those trying to establish BT connectivity with Echo Dot can face this critical issue.

Users having unsupported and non-compatible external speakers also can face this issue.

Also, many users who have chosen the wrong Bluetooth profile in Alexa setting will get trouble connecting echo dot to external Bluetooth speakers.

Sometimes a faulty network can also cause echo dot Bluetooth connectivity issue.

However, user cant finds the root cause of the error and that’s why we made this guide where we will give setup by step troubleshooting steps to solve these crucial problems.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps: Echo Dot Doesn’t Connect To Bluetooth Speaker

When you come across echo Bluetooth issues, it will be better to follow the troubleshooting steps. Here are the most crucial things to do:

  1. Restart the device
  2. Check BT connectivity
  3. Identify the device
  4. Establish connections with Echo Dot
  5. Check the BT connectivity settings
  6. Reduce congestions in between
  7. Charge the battery to prevent sudden disruptions

In case basic troubleshooting is not helpful, you must perform advanced troubleshooting steps.

Advance troubleshooting Steps: Echo Dot Doesn’t Connect To Bluetooth Speaker

Situation 1:- If Your Echo is Discounting From External Bluetooth Speakers Frequently

Frequent disconnection problem in Alexa app can be a cause of Wireless router configuration.

If this is the issue means the problem is with your router bands.

AS we know Alexa device can only connect with dual-band routers i.e. 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

By default, echo dot connects to 2.4 GHz band.

All you have to do is to switch echo dot from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz band.

If you already split bands than just connect echo dot to 5.0 GHz connection.

Note: – Make sure SSID name of both the bands is different otherwise you can face trouble connecting to wifi.

Have any query? Ask Echo Dot Experts 

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Here is the complete process of how to split two bands 

  1. Open a web browser and log in to your router admin panel by entering, router IP.
    Don’t know IP address? find from here according to your manufacturer and model number.
  2. Once you type the IP address in the browser address bar, it will redirect you to the login page
  3. All you have to do is to type username and password 
  4. if you don’t know the password you can find default password from here http://www.routerpasswords.com/ 
  5. However, if you changed the password in past  and forget that, you must ask your ISP for help or call us
  6. Once you have logged in to admin, you have to jump over to wireless setting/wi-fi setting.
  7. However dashboard for each router type is different, you just have to look for wireless setting  or basic wi-fi setting or something like that
  8. Under menu setting you will see a whole new dashboard, there you will find wireless setting.
  9. Under wireless setting, you can see the setting for both the bands 1.e 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz.
  10. Do enable 5.0 GHz band set channel value to 6, 40, 44 and 48 for best results.
  11. Change SSID of the 5.0 GHz router.
  12. Set Network security type to WPA2

Save and close the page. 

Now just restart your router and connect your echo dot device to 5.o GHz network, you can identify it by SSID name you assigned in earlier steps.

This will resolve your problem (Frequent Bluetooth Disconnects?)

If this fix is not working, there is something wrong either with your device or network and you have to contact echo dot support team by either leaving a message or by calling 1-855-557-7055.

These steps will help you perform Bluetooth troubleshooting successfully. If you wish to support your device and establish smart connections with BT, these steps will surely help you out. Technical assistance might be required in case of critical problems.

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