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  • Alexa App is available for Windows and MAC OS.
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Download Amazon Alexa App on Various Operating Systems

Want to learn if how to download alexa app on Oprating system of your choice, than just scroll down through the page. As we have guide on how to download alexa app of windows, MAC, Andriod, IOS as well as on chromebook.If you’re unable to open the Alexa app, or you receive an error message (such as “The Alexa app is offline”), here are some
common solutions that may help.

1Steps to Download Amazon Alexa app on the Windows

It is quite easy to download Alexa App in Windows, Click here For Echo Setup. If you use the standard web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer then there will be no compatibility errors. Else, you can use the Microsoft edge to download the Alexa app.
Here are the simple steps you can follow to download and set up the Alexa app on Windows:

  • Open the web browser and type in the address bar. Hit enter.
  • If you are not logged in then login by using your Amazon username and password.
  • Turn on the Amazon Alexa plugging it to power source.
  • Wait till the light on the device turns to the orange. The device must appear in the Alexa web app as by default it was synchronized to your Amazon account.
  • Press and hold the action button for about 5 seconds.this will push echo device to setup mode.
  • Click on the settings in the web can find it number navigation menu.
  • Choose “setup new device. You will see a list of devices, choose you echo device to start echo setup.

You Alexa app will be set up in a short span of time. Now, you can enjoy using the various exciting features.


2 Download Alexa App for MAC oprating system

You can download Alexa app for Mac operating system. However there are certain requirements like MAC OS must be 9.0 or higher, system memory must be 256 or higher and a latest web browser is required.Operating System of Apple is quite different from the Windows platform, thus you need to follow the different steps to download and set up the app. You can download the Alexa App from the tune store for your iPhone.?

Alexa App is compatible on the different devices in the IOS platform such as iPad23G, iPad2Wifi,iPodTouchFifthGen, Phone4S, iPhone5,iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad mini and many more.

  • For the MAC users, it is important to make sure that their MAC device OS version is 9 or above that. Once you have checked the version, you can follow the given steps for easy setup of the Echo app on your MAC device.
  • Open the web browser. And download the Alexa app for Mac by clicking the Mac button given at the top.
  • Download the Alexa app for Mac and after that run the app.
  • Go to and login to the Alexa app using your Email ID and Password.
  • TO learn Echo setup process click here
  • Enjoy Operating Alexa.

Once the Alexa app for Mac is Downloaded, you have follow on screen intsrution in order to start using alexa device. IF you troubled by the process contact technical helpline which is 1-855-557-7055 (US/Canada).

3 Download Alexa App For Android and Tablet

Downloading the Alexa app on Android is not a difficult process, all you have to make sure that your Android device is running on the OS version 5.0 or above.

Follow the given steps to set up the Alexa App on your Android device:

  • Open the play store, its already there in your andriod device.
  • Do type “Amazon Alexa App" on top of search box and make a search.
  • Under search result click on one " developed by amazon". Click on it to start alexa download process for andriod.
  • Then wait till Alexa app for andriod is downloading and installing.
  • Open the app and run echo setup process.
  • Enjoy Alexa.

Now, you can enjoy the diverse functionalities for your Echo Alexa app. Once Alexa app is downloaded on android, you have to start configuration process and then only you can start using the echo device. If you face any error during process please contact Alexa technical help 1-855-557-7055 (US/Canada).

4Download Alexa App for Chromebook

Alexa app is also compatible with Google Chromebook, make sure that you have the latest version downloaded. You can follow the given instructions to download the setup the Echo App for your Chromebook.

  • Open Web browser on chromebook, make sure its updated to latest version.
  • Click on the Chromebook button present at the top of the webpage.
  • Once the app would be installed then open it.
  • Now, search for the “Alexa App for Chromebook” and download the app.
  • Once you logged in then select the device like Amazon echo, echo plus or Tap to setup.

If you don’t know how to setup amazon echo device, then after getting the Alexa app then you’re just a call away. Call at toll free: 1-855-557-7055 (US/Canada).

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Issues You May face While Performing Alexa app Download and Setup

  • Downloading Error
  • Alexa app login error
  • Phone number verification error
  • Alexa isn’t showing your WiFi signals
  • Trouble Changing the Wake word
  • Getting trouble to add skills
  • Trouble connecting Bluetooth speaker with Alexa
  • Trouble LinkingPandora Account
  • Getting Trouble to call through Alexa
  • Play same music on different Echo at the same location
  • Getting trouble to change the location
  • Getting the wrong weather report
  • Play sample Music only
  • Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Alexa app not discovering the smart home device
  • Trouble linking fire TV
  • Alexa is not adding items to the shopping/to-do list
  • Deregistering Echo through Alexa
  • Trouble synchronizing calendar
  • Getting trouble to change the alarm sound
  • Trouble Linking SiriusXM
  • Issue linking dish TV
  • Trouble linking Spotify
  • Issue playing audio books
  • Trouble synchronizing phone contacts
  • Problem setting up Alexa voice control remote

Steps to Setup Amazon Alexa App Windows & MAC OS

Learn her if how to download Alexa App.Amazon devices are designed with an aim to add a better comfort to your lifestyle. These devices can perform the numerous functions for you like playing your favorite soundtracks, making a call, organizing the meetings – all these functions can be performed just via phone call. All you need is to successfully setup the Alexa app in your device and you are all set to use these amazing features. Along with these features, you can also use your Amazon device as an Intercom.

get alexa app on different operating systems

So, Make calls to your family members, invite your friends to dinner, remind your partner to make the bill payment and lot more. This app makes your life more happening as you can do everything just by using your voice. To add new features to your Amazon device, you need to set up the Alexa App in your device.

Make sure you carefully complete the setup process as faulty setup can create issues when you try to give a command to your device. You can always consult the technicians at Amazon Customer Support to get clear instructions for successful Alexa App setup and installation process.

Alexa App Setup Procedure?

Alexa is a very user-friendly application, thus you can use the Alexa app easily without facing any hassle. Before you set up the Alexa app you need to:

Know about the system
  • Go through the details of your device.
  • Known about the version and operating system.
Prepare the setup and installation.
  • Check out the version of Alexa App.
  • Follow the setup instructions carefully.
Enjoy using the Virtual Assistant
  • Make calls or broadcast your message.
  • Enjoy the digital audio entertainment using the voice commands.

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